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My Marsala Makeup Favourites

  The Pantone Colour of the year is Marsala!   When I first heard this I had two thoughts. Firstly, Pantone as in Pantene? Why is a hair care company choosing the colour of the year? And secondly, oh wait, it actually is Pantone. Who? What? Oh, Marsala is PRET-TAY! […]

Violet Box January 2015 Review!

There’s nothing that satisfies my old soul like reading a one month old newspaper. It’s pretty much the same thing as physically travelling back in time. So, today I thought I’d make the yet to be discovered phenomena of time travel a reality to you all #whatawoman. And yes, you […]

Project 10 Pan! – All Makeup

What on earth is Project Pan? Are we ‘projecting’ (throwing) frying pans across rooms? What has this got to do with makeup? Hold on, buttercup! I’m here to share the answers. Project Pan is where you limit yourself to work on finishing up a certain number of products. Some people […]