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BEST Makeup Products from Aussie “Drugstore” for Beginners

Cheap makeup lovers of Australia, I GOT YOU!

Ever tried searching for the best makeup products for beginners, and most of the products you found online were online easily/cheaply available in the US? New-to-makeup-MEL had that same problem, so here’s my pick of the best makeup products that are great for beginners (the cheap and available in Australia version)! I want to help you avoid all the makeup mishaps I went through. It not only cost me a  lot of money, but a lot of trouble too. I thought I HAD to have EXACTLY the products all those beauty gurus talked about, and wasted a lot of money. There are just as good products available in the lovely land down under.


This is one of my first YouTube video, so please be nice! I just wanted to share all my lovely makeup finds with you. My current favourite of the bunch mentioned, would probably be the Australis Translucent powder, available here.

best makeup


Let me know your best makeup products down below in the comments!