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3 Most Used Lip Products | Collab

As much as I rave and rant about different lip products, the true test and best value for money, are your most used lip products. The ones that are always in your handbag, that one you accidentally left in your car that melted and your heart broke, and that one […]

most used lip products


REVIEW: Skrub – Lavender and Sea Salt

We’ve all seen the my hyped coffee scrub trend clogged up Instagram feeds. As weird as it is so people to photograph themselves in the bathroom whilst wearing nothing more than leftover coffee grinds, this trend has taken off. Unfortunately (or perhaps forunately?) I hate the smell and taste of […]


Beauty Heaven Beautorium Haul!

I have been a long term member of Beauty Heaven, long before I started blogging. I’m even a platinum member :P. Admittedly, they are no longer my blogging website of choice, since I found it frustrating that most of their posts are sponsored. I understand that bloggers need to do sponsored […]