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Optiva Skincare Review

We’ve all heard the latest hype behind “Your skin isn’t oily, isn’t just dehydrated!” while most of us mere mortals are just like “WTFlamingo”. While sadly this post isn’t going to tackle all the jazz behind the ‘dehydrated’ debate (FYI I’m still confused, pls tell Lab Muffin to help me), […]


korean makeup

Korean Makeup Haul

Anyone else been super curious about Korean Makeup? After seeing several videos using Korean makeup tints, peel off makeup and ‘tattoo’ makeup, I decided to make a little order (my last before my NO BUY, yes, pls cry for me). So, yeah, I accidentally bought too many lip products (but, […]

Dusty Girls Makeup Review

When applying makeup, the last thing I would think of is dust, let alone making myself look like a dusty girl. Though, hold your horses, this makeup line from Dusty Girls (find them here!) will make you look like much more than a ‘dusty girl’ ;). Dusty Girls is a local Aussie […]