7 Ways to Stop Buying Makeup You Don’t Need



The truth is that I have bought makeup that I don’t need. I will also continue to buy makeup I don’t need, but I believe there is a line you have to make somewhere, and that I have crossed that line. Do I really need more than one bright purple lipstick? Impulse-buying-MEL says yes, but Practical-MEL says no! Here are my tips to help slow down, if not stop, the flow of unnecessary makeup into your collection.


  1. Stop browsing the makeup aisle

MAC_makeup (2)

Maybe even stop going to the shops altogether.

Look, I get it. I love wandering down the makeup aisle at my local Priceline looking for fun new products to try. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s a pick-me-up on a bad day. However, it almost always results in spending of funds on unnecessary goods!

STAY AWAY from the shops. Go for a walk in the park instead.

  1. Remember how long it takes you to use up makeup (it’ll probably go bad before you finish it 95% of the time)


A technique I find particularly helpful is thinking about how long it actually takes for you to use up a makeup product. Since makeup expires, buying too much of it results in you wasting your precious, hard earned dollars.

A little trick to working out what the expiry date of the product is, is by looking at the packaging. The picture of a little container with an open lid, with a number followed by a ‘M’ on it, is the number of months the product will take to expire once opened. See the photo below for examples.


If you’re anything like me, when you see a new eye shadow (particularly one on sale), no matter how unflattering the colour may be on you, you think “Oooo, pretty!” and it’s in your basket, and before you know it you’re $15 poorer. I have NEVER used up an eye shadow. NEVER. So no matter how pretty that new eye shadow is, if I won’t use it at least once a week, it’s not worth it. (“Put that eye shadow back on the shelf, girl, and walk away!”).


  1. ‘Shop your stash’

The ‘Shop your stash’ concept involves going through your own makeup collection looking for ‘new’ products to try instead of going to the shops. This results in a win-win since you can discover old products that you use to love, as well as use up your old makeup before it expires.  I love doing this, especially since there are a lot of makeup items I have bought that I hardly ever use.


  1. Look for ‘Holy Grail’ products instead of falling for gimmicks

Try to buy makeup that you know is well reviewed online and by your friends, rather than going for the exciting, new product with this ‘innovative, life changing’ feature. Makeup has been around for a long time, and it isn’t often that a gimmicky product actually comes through with the goods. Go for old reliable products, for example, the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Well reviewed online, see beautyheaven.com.au, well reviewed by my friends, well reviewed on the blogosphere, and reliable, there for you when you need it the most.


  1. Go for natural and nude shades most


I know that new eye shadow palette looks oh, so pretty, and that new MAC lipstick in neon pink is just so gorgeous. It is not bad to have a few bright, less-wearable colours in your collection, but make sure your collection consists mainly of nudes and more easily wearable shades. This ensures you are able to use the majority of your makeup on a regular basis, allowing for a larger turnover of makeup once you’ve use up the products, which means, ‘HELLO’ more makeup! I never regret buying a nude eye shadow palette, but that rainbow palette sitting in the corner looking sad sure wasn’t worth the money.


  1. Only buy colourful eye shadows in singles or smaller palettes

Choose to buy single eye shadows in colours you actually want and will use more than once or twice a year. This way, you can ensure that you will use all your shadows, instead of only using a couple out of that bright eye shadow palette you got.


  1. Go through your makeup collection often

If you go through your makeup collection often, you’re more likely to be aware of the crap-load of makeup you have. I find it to be a good reality check when at the shops…


Impulse-buying-MEL: “Oooo, pretty coral blush, I NEED YOU.”

Practical-MEL:  “Remember yesterday when you went through your blush collection? You already have FOUR CORAL BLUSHES.”

Impulse-buying-MEL: “Gah, you’re right. Why are you always right?”

Practical-MEL: “Now, put that down… yes, right there, now leave… leave that store… RUN.”


Good luck beauties 🙂


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