ABH Subculture Palette Review Round Up

I know there is a lot of ABH Subculture palette reviews/first impressions/wtf videos crowding the internet right now. Therefore, to help you cipher through the chaos of clickbait and crowd mentality I’ve gathered what I think are the most helpful bits of content online.

If you saw my latest Anastasia Beverly Hills haul, you would know I bought the palette myself. So, I also unashamedly have put a link to my own video review since I think that’s one of the best 😜.


Please leave some links to your favourite ABH Subculture Palette reviews and tutorials in the comments!







  1. Carleney
    10/05/2018 / 7:43 pm

    This has helped with my decision with my first high end palette. I think ill hold off until i pan my chi chi ones from back in the day.

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