Bio-Living Cell Therapy at Victory Clinic

I was very humbled to be invited by the lovely Meli to receive a complimentary Bio-Living Cell (BLC) Therapy treatment at Victory Clinic, Chatswood. I’m no expert on BLC Therapy, so for all the details, check out their website: Victory BLC Therapy Clinic. When they asked me to come in, I honestly […]

blc therapy


Lush Haul | Featuring my bunnies

I have been loving baths this Winter. It has become the main place I watch YouTube videos, and it’s the one place I find truly relaxing at the moment. Now, I know using one Lush bath bomb per bath, can be darn expensive (I can’t afford no $8 per bath), […]

Korean Makeup Haul

Anyone else been super curious about Korean Makeup? After seeing several videos using Korean makeup tints, peel off makeup and ‘tattoo’ makeup, I decided to make a little order (my last before my NO BUY, yes, pls cry for me). So, yeah, I accidentally bought too many lip products (but, […]

korean makeup

Beauty Heaven Beautorium Haul!

I have been a long term member of Beauty Heaven, long before I started blogging. I’m even a platinum member :P. Admittedly, they are no longer my blogging website of choice, since I found it frustrating that most of their posts are sponsored. I understand that bloggers need to do sponsored […]