Project Pan

Project 10 Pan Finale! – #win and #fail

Okay, I know this is so incredibly over-due, but here is my Project 10 Pan finale. I did finish these products a few months ago, but have been holding off posting since I didn’t actually finish the 10 products I intended on finishing (but I did still finish 10 products!). I […]

project 10 pan finale

Tips for Finishing a Project Pan Successfully

It is ironic that I am writing this post, considering I didn’t finish my Project 10 Pan successfully! However, to add some credibility to my words, I will let you know I finished 9 products completely before buying any unnecessarily. For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of […]

project pan successfully

Project 10 Pan! – All Makeup

What on earth is Project Pan? Are we ‘projecting’ (throwing) frying pans across rooms? What has this got to do with makeup? Hold on, buttercup! I’m here to share the answers. Project Pan is where you limit yourself to work on finishing up a certain number of products. Some people […]

Pan that Palette Challenge 2015!

I have been trying to decrease my makeup collection lately. My goal is to achieve a minimalist makeup collection that still has variety and is fun. The ‘Pan that Palette Challenge‘ brings me one step closer to obtaining my dream makeup collection (of minimum proportions). The Pan that Palette concept […]