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Bellabox August 2016 | UNBOXING

I flipping love presents. I know they can be unpractical and all, but my heart feels so happy whenever I am graced with a gift. Shoutout to BellaBox for making my day and sending a little blue box of surprise gift happiness. Say hello, Bellabox August 2016. YES, I’ve had […]

bellabox august 2016

violet box april

Violet Box April Review 2015

Woohoo! Violet Box April is here!   Lonvitalite C2 Collagen Protein Wrinkle Removing Mask I like face masks but I am yet to find one that makes a noticeable difference to my appearance, apart from an increase in the amount of confidence radiating from me. This face mask was fine, […]

Why I Unsubscribed from Bellabox

As Einstein often talked, “It’s all about relativity.” I didn’t realise how bad Bellabox was till firstly, I saw lots of other people online getting better stuff in their bellaboxes, and more significantly, till I signed up for a different subscription box and was blown away (#violetboxlovin). Bellabox bad’s: Too […]

Violet Box March

Violet Box March Review 2015

Yew! It’s Christmas in March! My favourite time of the month. Where I receive unnecessary cosmetic goods in the mail, like a surprise gift, that I actually bought for myself. Adult life is good. Thank you Violet Box March for making dreams come true everywhere :D.     1. John […]

Violet Box February 2015 Review

It’s that time of the month again, hello Violet Box! Check out my review of the box for February 2015.   Natural World Brazilian Keratin Treatment Oil – RRP $5.99 Not a bad product, no huge difference, but the most important part is that is doesn’t make my hair feel […]

Violet Box February Review

Violet Box January 2015 Review!

There’s nothing that satisfies my old soul like reading a one month old newspaper. It’s pretty much the same thing as physically travelling back in time. So, today I thought I’d make the yet to be discovered phenomena of time travel a reality to you all #whatawoman. And yes, you […]