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If you tend to end up leaving things to the last minute, enjoy this handy Christmas Gift Guide! I wanted to write a gift guide for all the different type of people in your life. Had a lol writing about this, let me know your suggestions in the comments, because in my true form, I haven’t bought my Christmas presents for people yet!


The man: Gym towel, Fun socks – For my brothers’ birthday I got one a gym towel from Rebel Sports and the other some Happy Socks. Both will be so pleased!

Secret Santa gift: Bluetooth shower speaker – One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for myself. Showers are so much more appealing when you can rock out to some of your favourite tunes. Not only will the lucky recipient be stoked with this gift, they’ll probs smell better with all the extra showers they’ll be having :P.

Women in their twenties who like to relax: Lush bath goodies – if you can find a 23 year old woman who doesn’t like Lush, you are one great detective. The perfect gift, just go in store and pick out what looks pretty! I love pretty much everything from that store.

christmas gift guide 2016

The University Student: A good fry pan – Ah, my time as a university student would have been so much sadder without a fry pan. Older university students will especially appreciate a good fry pan, since they’re more likely to be at a stage where they’ll know how to look after it! I’m so grateful to those who have bought me fry pans in the past.

The Pet: A new toy or fun thing like a mini slide – So, I’m kinda convinced my bunnies would love a mini slide (like one built for toddlers). My husband thinks otherwise, but maybe one day I’ll get my dream :P. I compromised this year and bought them a cat tree instead, they love it!

The person who hates giving and receiving presents: NOTHING. I know it is hard to understand but they actually don’t want anything. Trust me as a gift-loving person married to a gift-hating hubby.

Ya Mum: Something tech or bath related, or just ask her! My Mum has no idea about tech but loves YouTube and movies, and especially games like Candy Crush. The latest iPad or even iPad/iPhone case is a much wanted gift, but this year I’m paying for her swimming lessons :).

Makeup/Skincare Junkie: Ole Hendrickson Skincare Set – This is the kind of person who really looks after their skin and will so, so appreciate a deluxe skincare set. I love this brand and would be stoked to open any setĀ from this brand under the tree this year.

christmas gift guide

Makeup Newbie: Designer Brands Makeup – Surprisingly good quality for such a low price point. Highly recommend the Face Palette, nice quality and has everything you need!


The big NO’s:

  • Ornaments
  • Trinkets
  • Ceramic frogs

JUST NO. What a waste of space and money!


Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Gift Guide 2016! Let me know your picks in the comments.



  1. 08/04/2017 / 6:24 pm

    Lush bath goodies are always a good idea (even though I don’t take baths so I guess I’m more of a lush shower person?). It’s true though, pretty much everyone loves lush!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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