Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment – A Facial Worth Getting!

What’s the go with facials? Why pay that dollar, do they even work? Thanks so much to Dermalogica for inviting me to receive a complimentary treatment, especially since being a blogger means I can’t afford to pay for facials hence I can’t them often! I went in not knowing a thing about the treatment, and will review from the perspective of someone who does not get the hype with facials.

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Initial Consultation

I filled out a thorough form and we had a good yarn about my skin, and what my skin concerns were.


Burrito. Remove makeup. Double cleanse. Hot fan thing. Exfoliator. Mask. Treatments. Blue light (10 minutes). Moisturise. Prime/SPF/Mattify.

dermalogica ionactive power treatment dermalogica ionactive power treatment

The face massage was flipping life. And the warm, damp towel she used to wipe away creams/gels/treatments was so amazing. I kept thinking, holy moly, this is so good. My skin feels so flipping amazing. I did experience tingling on my face throughout the treatment (my skin is a little sensitive in some areas), but there was no redness visible post treatment.

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Rebecca, who was giving me the treatment was so amazing. I honestly spent at least 1 hour of the 1.5 hour session asking questions. Rebecca really new her stuff. She would give more general answers to begin with, but was happy to go more scientific in-depth if I needed. I thought this method was perfect, since it catered well for normal people, and nerds like myself. Rebecca was so happy to explain everything that she was putting on and doing to my face along the way. Even when I asked about the different facial massaging techniques she was using.

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

The blue light part was very intense. I felt like it was penetrating into my eyeballs. I did my best to keep my eyes closed, but it was honestly hard to tell, since the light makes it way through your eyelids. My mind was like playing tricks on me whether I had my eyes closed or not. This was the most uncomfortable part of the treatment, but Rebecca was very kind and supportive and said if I needed to stop for a break any time I could. It went for ten minutes. They also use red light and white light (I think?) in other treatments. Apparently the blue light helps the skin with something specific that would be good for my skin (I can’t remember what, she did tell me). The different lights have different effects on the skin cells, because the different wavelengths of the lights, communication different things to the cells.

After the treatment I honestly felt like I’d  just received a full body massage. That was the level of relax I was feeling.

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Post-Treatment Consult

Rebecca talked me through my face map. We had a yarn about how my skin was feeling and they very kindly helped me pick out three products from their line to take home. Yippee! I ended up with the Overnight Clearing Gel, the Clearing Mattifier and the SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30, as well as a couple samples. I’ve already been using the two clearing products a lot and love them!

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Next Couple Days

For the couple days after my treatment, I legit had the best skin days I can ever remember having. Ever (post puberty of course). I’m so flipping impressed. First photo is a couple days after, second is a week after!

dermalogica ionactive power treatment

Top Skincare Tips I learned

  • Biggest enemy is sun damage (slap on that SPF gurl!)
  • If maybe pus, do not touch



HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. This is not your average, general facial. They tailor everything to your individual skin. I am keen to go back for another Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment in the near future! The price varies, depending on what you get and the store, but starts at $140.


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