Dusty Girls Makeup Review

dusty girls

When applying makeup, the last thing I would think of is dust, let alone making myself look like a dusty girl. Though, hold your horses, this makeup line from Dusty Girls (find them here!) will make you look like much more than a ‘dusty girl’ ;). Dusty Girls is a local Aussie company, that makes natural (skeptical buzz word in my opinion), mineral (less of a skeptical buzz word) makeup! The idea is that this makeup doesn’t damage the skin, looks natural and keeps the skin healthy for when the makeup comes off. I can’t really say much about whether this ‘damages’ my skin or not, but I do enjoy this line.

dusty girls

I was lucky enough to be gifted four of their products to try. The swatches (minus the lipstick) are the top being a few swipes and the bottom swatch being one swipe.


Lipstick – RRP $19.50

dusty girlsThis lipstick is so dang sheer. I feel like they should add that to the name, ‘Natural, but dang sheer, lipstick’ ;). However, it is quite moisturising and more of a lip balm. Not really what I want in a lipstick, but good if you’re after the very natural look. This is the kind of product I’d chuck in my hand bag to apply on the go, or wear to an event I know I’ll be eating.


Bronzer – RRP $25

dusty girls

So, the blush and bronzer I received are very similar in shade. As typical of most drugstore bronzers, it is a similar shade to my skintone. Any other darker skinned girls out there have the issue where most bronzers need to be renamed ‘glittery foundation‘? As you can tell, this bronzer is not for me. I don’t like the glitter in it and shade is a bit too light. The packaging is also a bit of a fail since the pan is not stuck to the actual packaging at all.

dusty girls fail


Blush – RRP $25

dusty girls

Described on the packaging as ‘Golden Delicious: to ripen your smile with a gold rush.’ LOL WHAT. Does that phrase make little sense to anyone else? Sounds more like a delicious hash brown from Maccas than a blush. Regardless, I actually quite enjoy the product. Although it looks orange in the pan, the packaging emphasising that, it actually looks a bit more pinky on the skin. I like the way it looks on me.


Eyeshadow – RRP $15.50

dusty girls

Has a nice sheen to it, and thankfully the chunky glitter doesn’t show up much on the eye. To me, this product is the pan fried pork buns (aka. best thing ever) of the Dusty Girls makeup line. The gem which I happily recommend. Much better than any drugstore eyeshadow I’ve ever tried, though being honest, that’s not hard considering how crappy most eyeshadows from Priceline are :P. I would petition to Dusty Girls to take the glitter out of this formula, to take it to a 10/10.


Products on my face

dusty girls makeup

Awkward face shots…


The Yeah’s and the Nah’s:

  • Packaging: YEAH NAH – pretty packaging, but that bronzer fail got me like unsure you know.
  • Quality: YEAH – but watch that glitter.
  • Shade range: NAH – please bring out a bronzer for all them darker ladies!
  • Price: YEAH – similar prices to what you find at Priceline, but better quality. Though not sure they’d go on sale as often as Priceline products, or even at all.


I would love to see these products stocked somewhere like Priceline. A reasonably good quality (pls just remove the glitter) brand and Australian made! Good job Dusty Girls!


Tried this line? What are your thoughts?



    • MEL
      10/06/2016 / 8:12 am

      Thanks Beth!

    • MEL
      16/06/2016 / 1:15 pm

      Thanks Jackie. It’s so pretty right!

  1. 14/06/2016 / 6:47 pm

    Cute products – shame about the bronzer though! I’m on the other end of the spectrum, I’m so ridiculously pale that they usually look too dark on me. (Or maybe I’m just bad at blending. Hmm.) Love the look of the blush, though!


    • MEL
      16/06/2016 / 1:16 pm

      It’s a shame companies tend to ignore very pale and dark skin colours 🙁

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