Haircare for Dry/Bleached Ends

I recently posted a video detailing my scalp routine in depth, but I neglected to share much of how I treat the ends of my hair. Since the ends of my hair have been bleached and coloured, and are also the most brittle and oldest part of my hair, a blog post seemed necessary!


For the past two years I have semi maintained a balayage/ombré hair style. I choose it for several reasons including:

  • Very little colour maintenance needed (no root touch-ups aka. regular $$$ spent!)
  • Would still have my natural colour from root to half my hair (I have never dyed my hair previous and didn’t want to ‘ruin’ my lovely natural colour)
  • Liked how it looked

I started with more of a red/berry toned ombré on not very bleached hair (since it was my first time). I did like how it looked but I really wanted the ends lighter. The reddish tone faded quickly to a orange and left me sad. I put a chocolate brown box dye over the top and LOVED how my hair now went from black at the roots to a luscious brown on the ends. That faded too but a little slower than the first time. I was neglected to use any treatments in my hair since it hadn’t been that damaged yet (I had a good hairdresser).

Around six months later, over a three month period, I tried to go grey on my ends. Two different hairdressers and three appointments later…


These days, my hair ends cycle between grey, faded brass looking colour and bright purple/pink (at home job).

Hair Health Maintenance

  • On occasion when bored I cut off my split ends using a pair of scissors. I’ve heard this can be bad if the scissors aren’t sharp enough, but I don’t use any special kind of scissors myself. I am happy with this method since it’s much better than just pulling out the hairs with split ends at the roots! (Which I’ve done in the past, whoops #dontrecommend).
  • I use hair masks very regularly because my ends get so darn dry and gross looking so quickly.
  • I love the oil the ends of my hair as often as I remember (every few days)! It does wonders for my dry and brittle AF ends and actually makes them feel like real hair again. My hair’s favourite oil is the Seven Wonders Argan Oil Treatment*. It sucks it up as enthusiastically as I do KFC after a rough day. However, I currently use one I bought from OGX cause there was no Seven Wonders products at my local Priceline :(.
  • I’ve had a hair treatment at a hairdresser once and it was amazing. My hair went from feeling like straw to feeling so silky soft. Can’t do that regularly though since it costs much money dollars.

Hair Colour Maintenance

  • To keep my ends grey I use Brite Organix’s Purple Shampoo and Conditioner*every third wash
  • I occassionally use a box colour on my ends of either grey or a bright colour like purple


So, that’s my haircare routine for my ends. Let me know any questions you have in the comments.

If you have any tips for dry, split-ends, please leave me a comment!



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