Over the past year Instagram has changed from a free, fair platform to one that is an obvious money grab from its owners. 

I know I probably sound like every other blogger on Instagram, but it is so frustrating when people who have chosen to follow you don’t even get to see your posts! If this was the case with YouTube subscriptions I’m sure there would be a bigger outrage. It is so hard to get exposure and you almost need to resort to paying for sponsored posts so Instagram will ‘help’ get your content out there again. With this frustration I’ve also noticed many, many suspicious looking Instagram accounts who have had a ridiculous follower + like increase in a very small amount of time (like from 500 to 20k followers in a month with no viral content), *cough* paid for followers *cough*. Though I judge them a little, I don’t blame them. It is so hard to get brands to take any notice of you, even when you have genuine followers, because of low engagement rates and low numbers in general. 
With the Instagram blog-o-sphere quite flooded and ‘same same’ I’ve decided to spend much more time producing content from YouTube. Though my followers are much lower over there, I actually find it much more rewarding. People who subscribe actually get to see my videos in their feed and I feel like I’m actually helping/entertaining people with my content. 

I’m keen to know your thoughts on this Instagram saga, let me know in the comments. 



  1. 29/07/2017 / 10:53 am

    Yeah, totally agree. I have lost my enthusiasm for Instagram and it sucks because I really used to enjoy it!

    • MEL
      30/07/2017 / 11:46 pm

      So rubbish hey!

  2. 15/08/2017 / 1:03 pm

    It is definitely pox. I stopped following all the big brands months ago as I was sick of only seeing their stuff top in my feeds. I have a feeling I’ve been shadow-banned as well as number of likes have halved. GRRR. (Also massive side eye to the follow-buyers)

    • MEL
      16/08/2017 / 11:30 am

      Ahh good idea to unfollow big brands. Instagram and their bloody shadow banning 😤

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