Lush Haul | Featuring my bunnies

I have been loving baths this Winter. It has become the main place I watch YouTube videos, and it’s the one place I find truly relaxing at the moment. Now, I know using one Lush bath bomb per bath, can be darn expensive (I can’t afford no $8 per bath), so I try to break them up and use them a couple times (#unistudenttip). I’ve also found that Bubble bars go quite a long way, so I’ll be picking up more of them soon.

I recently did a bit of late night online shopping to hopefully set me up for the rest of Winter. I have always loved LUSH, though the customer service at my local Lush isn’t great. Hello, online shopping and much excitement when the parcel finally arrived! Please watch the video, I mention some of my¬†favs and my bunnies do a bit of spotlight stealing.


Product Prices:

  • Great Balls of Bicarb Yellow Gift – $32.95
  • Superbalm Scalp Treatment – $14.95
  • Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb – $4.25
  • Cosmic Gift – $13.95


What are your favourite Lush products? Let me know in the comments so I can pick them up!



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