MAC Pro Store Haul

They see me haulin’, they hatin’. Cause they know, I be spending money. Do do do do white and nerdy, do do do do white and nerdy… Would you believe this is my first ever MAC Pro Store Haul? I know right, the tragedy of living 3 hours drive away from it, LOL, anyway, I digress.

So, I needed a top up of MAC Fix+ since I was legit about to run out. Every beauty junkie knows a shortage of MAC Fix+ is almost equivalent to being without any kind of beauty blender sponge, *catastrophe*. Hence, the store visit was more than necessary, perhaps even vital to my being. With one item strongly in mind, I left with four. I’d say that’s not a bad ratio :P, not good, but not bad either, could have been worse!

I got my Fix+ then asked the MAC Artist a recommendation for clients with dehydrated skin that just tends to break down foundation. He recommended the softening lotion and a serum. I’ve since since AndThatsJacob recommend the same softening lotion in his ‘What’s in my kit’ video, which left me quite relieved since MAC products are money dollarz, and I had bought the lotion on a solo-in-store-recommendation.

Mac Pro store haul
Both the softening lotion and the serum seem very nice and I can’t wait to put them to the test.

Couldn’t resist also picking up a bright purple lip liner since purple is my go to lip colour whenever I wear a full face of makeup. More than any other shade, LOL, so I needed to finally get a lip liner to match. I’d previously used a dark wine/berry lip liner which works but also darkened the shade of the lipstick itself.


That’s my haul. Cost me just over $170 😮 #whoops, “but it’s for my kit!” so it’s okay right? 😉

What was included in your latest MAC Pro store haul? Or perhaps what is a must have MAC product for you? Let me know in the comments!


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