How to Stop Your Makeup Buying Addiction from Ruining Your Life – Advice from experience

makeup buying addiction

Over the past 6 months I’ve been going on and off no buys for makeup, since realising I am addicted. Addicted not to gambling or alcohol, but makeup. Buying makeup, pretty, new, expensive makeup. I don’t think buying makeup by any means is a bad thing. I think it can be a good thing, that we should enjoy. I enjoy my interest in makeup, my little hobby. I draw the line when I am no longer able to control my purchases. Every no buy I have gone on has resulted in one way or another in an explosion of makeup shopping splurging. I went 6 months clean the first time before exploding into a makeup buying frenzy.


It’s an addiction that is easy to look over in the beauty blogging industry. “It’s for blogging,” I tell myself, “Everyone raves about it, I NEED it,” I say, “But it’s limited edition!!” I keep repeating in my head. Well, I’m just coming out and admitting I have a problem, I have a makeup buying addiction and I need help.


Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m about to explode again. In a desperate attempt to diffuse the bomb, I spoke to my husband and a friend for their support and encouragement. Myself and my husband decided that I would go on Project 5 Pan and would be allowed to purchase 2 products at the end. I would not be allowed to buy makeup before I finished the 5 products, even if something was on sale or a limited edition item came out. Hopefully this will work better than going on a straight no buy, which would crush my soul.


Things I did that didn’t help:

– Watching Makeup Hauls on Youtube

– Walking down the makeup aisle

– Browsing makeup stores online

– Swatching makeup instore

– Watching makeup related videos on YouTube for new products


Love you sisters.

Let me know if anyone can relate.



  1. 29/07/2015 / 2:25 pm

    Yes, makeup buying can be a problem and I finally decided that I really want to use what I have and get rid of the old stuff that I’ve had forever and only buy something if I run out of it. Or if I really want something new – I must wait for a discount. I’m sort of making a game of getting a discount these days. It’s a fun challenge.

    I’m also only buying what I like so .. no more glitter nail polish (oh, I like it, it’s just such a bugger to get off that I never wear it) .. so why continue to buy it?


    • MEL
      30/07/2015 / 9:50 am

      I really like your method! It’s so easy to buy makeup we don’t even use. For example, I hardly wear foundation, so why on earth would I even consider buying it?

      Thanks for stopping by at my blog 🙂

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