Most Entertaining Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers

I haven’t included all of my favourite bloggers and vloggers, but instead have focussed on the ones that stand out as funny and different. Think more Hamish and Andy style, as opposed to Dr. Karl.

In terms of what I consider entertaining bloggers, funny is definitely high up there. I like less mainstream and really honest. Particularly people that don’t just ride with the hype.


Brightest Bulb in the Boxentertaining blogs – Blog

This is the blog that actually inspired me to start blogging. I’ve never come across a blog like it, so honest, funny and not so serious. Made me laugh and was so different to the usual beauty blogs and videos. Unfortunately, Robyn (the owner) hasn’t blogged since November last year (2014), but feel free to go back and read her old blogs (so worth it!). Even if I wasn’t interested in a blog post, I’d still read it #fangirlproblems. Let’s hope she comes back, since she’s one of the most entertaining bloggers I know.



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Savannah and Stuff – YouTube

A Canadian YouTuber who talks beauty, fashion and life. Has a humorous manner, and is quirky and cute. I find her videos very amusing and fun. Also, the fact that Canadian makeup is expensive just like Australian makeup, makes her videos more relate-able, compared to all the jealousy I feel when watching Americans.

She also has acne scarring, which doesn’t relate to me, but if you’re interested, she has several videos on that topic.



Messy Downunderentertaining blogs – YouTube

Messy Downunder is definitely my favourite beauty channel on YouTube! And if she had a blog, I’m sure she’d be one of the most entertaining bloggers out there as well. She is incredibly down to earth and just says it how it is. Messy is also very funny, and not afraid of ditching the mainstream beauty guru stereotype. I watch every one of her videos, and love them all. I really love having a good quality Australian YouTuber to watch, and she also uploads very regularly (a few times a week).



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i love makeup. – YouTube

Like how parents hide vegetables in their child’s food, i love makeup. is a channel full of entertainment that disguises the informative makeup channel that is really is.

I fell in love with this channel because of their series ‘Grace’s Faces,’ hosted by the hilarious Grace Helbig! A couple years ago, ‘Daily Grace’ was the bees-knees YouTube channel, so hopefully y’all will love Grace as much as I do! The series has finished but go back and watch them all, so good! Current series from this channel I’m loving are ‘Makeup Mishaps’and ‘Lana Steel.’


entertaining bloggers

Ingrid Nelson – YouTube

I bit more sponsored than I’d normally like, but at least she’s pretty honest about it, and you know, a girl’s gotta eat, so can’t blame her. Also, a bit more mainstream than I’d normally like, but she’s funny and her videos are great quality.



Let me know who you find entertaining on the blogosphere and YouTube in the comments!

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