muk Haircare Ultra Soft Shampoo + 1 Minute Treatement Review

I was recently sent a couple muk Haircare products to try. Totes skeptical it sat in a corner for a couple weeks, till I got a follow up email from the PR team. I then realised it was the coveted curling wand brand muk I am dealing it and I need to actually try these products in my hair!

Do be careful not to confuse muk Haircare with the also well know Pokemon Muk. Can confirm muk Haircare is much better for your hair than evil Pokemon Muk 😜.

The two products initially sent to me are the deep muk Ultra Soft Shampoo and deep muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment. 

I’ve used these mainly together, and they have worked well. My hair feels so light, but hydrated. Not fluffy but silky. Very impressed with how it makes my hair feel! Note I have long hair of medium thickness with a balayage colour. Highly recommend trying out this product for silky soft hair! It didn’t feel like it coated my hair at all since it felt so light and clean, but not dry. My hair settled easily into a soft natural wave when dry. Bit of an awkward selfie of me, but here’s how it make my hair look:

muk Haircare Ultra Soft
Once, I did try applying the deep muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment to the ends of my hair, on completely dry hair for a couple hours and it wasn’t great. Would definitely advise using as recommended, on wet hair and just leaving on for a couple minutes.

What are your favourite muk Haircare products?


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