‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look for Medium/Tan Skin Tone

When I told my brother about this blog post, he assumed I meant “like using banana as eyeshadow”. That is not what ‘No Makeup’ Makeup is about, haha. It is wearing makeup, that looks natural, like you aren’t wearing makeup. We all have days when we don’t want to look like we’re wearing makeup, but still want to look presentable. I feel that, oh do I feel that. I’m going to cover a ‘no makeup’ makeup routine that’s perfect for my Asian skin tone.

Let’s begin:


I admit I’m really bad at this one. I have oily skin and am yet to find the perfect, non-greasy sunscreen. So, I’ll keep this short, and just repeat what the TV ads always tell me: Slip, slop, slap. Slip on some sunscreen, slop on a cute outfit and slap on a smile (close enough right?).


no makeup makeup

Primer – Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer –  RRP $29.95 AU from Priceline

Ever had to start a lawn mower before? One of the first things you do is prime the engine. The same goes for makeup, especially if you have oily skin like myself! On with the primer, focusing on the T-zone. Primer is a must even if you aren’t going to wear foundation, since it significantly reduces how oily your skin gets throughout the day, and gives a smooth base for blush and bronzer.



no makeup makeup Concealer – Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer – RRP $26.96 AU from Priceline

Nothing says I woke up late and look sick, even though I’m not, like dark circles under your eyes. To avoid those awkward comments from your male work mates, concealer-up any discolourations in your skin like under-eye bags and redness. Unlike when you’re mowing your parent’s lawn, you aren’t going for the ‘crop circles’ look, so make sure to blend well, especially since we won’t be putting foundation over the top. Say hello to better looking skin and goodbye to having to repeat, “No, I’m not sick, I’m just not wearing makeup,” *eye roll*.


Skip Foundation

Pass up on the foundation unless you have bad acne or are having a breakout. If you must use foundation, try to go for something with light coverage like a BB cream.


no makeup makeup

Eye makeup – Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eye Definer in Rich Brown  – RRP $12.50 AU from Priceline

Apply some subtle brown eyeliner to your tight-line and a little on your upper lash line. You can blend it out a little if necessary. I would personally skip the eyeshadow, but if you must, go for something super natural and apply subtly.  And don’t forget the golden rule of mowing too 😉 …(prime, prime, prime).



Curl them lashes, girl!

It’s much easier to mow grass that is standing up straight. The same goes for lashes (however, please don’t try to mow them off). We want those lashes curled so that are standing up straight. People will thinking you have naturally curly lashes ;).


no makeup makeup

Mascara – Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara – RRP $23.95 AU from Priceline

This can be a real make or break moment. Nothing gives away the fact you’re wearing makeup like poorly applied mascara. If you have light coloured lashes, go for brown mascara, otherwise, black is fine. Avoid anything with ‘volume’ in the name, since those mascaras tend to clump the easiest (and any clumps means your secret identity as a makeup wearer has been revealed). Go for something that gives definition, and don’t apply too many coats. My favourite mascara is the Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara.



no makeup makeup


Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter – Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Aglow  – RRP $49.00 AU from here and Australis AC ON TOUR Kit  – RRP $16.95 AU from Priceline

LIGHT HANDED. Not as in you need to cover up your tan skinned hands with white paint, more like only apply a very small amount of blush, bronzer and highlighter! Thankfully, if you have tan skin, your face should be more forgiving if you accidentally apply too much. It is so easy to over do on any of these and spoil your ‘no makeup’ look. Apno makeup makeupply small amounts at a time (you can add more if you need) and make sure the products you’re using don’t have any big chunks of glitter in it. For the blush in particular, try to go for a more natural shade (this is not the time for bright Barbie pink blush). My favourite products for the natural look are Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush, which is super natural and glowy, and the Australis AC ON TOUR KIT (making sure to not go overboard with contouring, and doing lots of blending).



no makeup makeup

Translucent Face Powder – Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder – RRP $12.95 AU from Priceline

Due to the oily nature of my skin, a bit of translucent face powder helps to keep me oil free all day. This Australis one is amazing, so soft and fine. However, remember we’re going for the ‘I legitimately woke up looking this good’ look, not the ‘I accidentally face-palmed the flour while making a cake this morning’ look, so don’t go to crazy on this step.


no makeup makeupClear Eyebrow Gel – e.l.f. Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara – RRP $3.00 AU from e.l.f. cosmetics

If necessary, you can now fill in your eye brows a little, but only do it where necessary! Brown eyeshadow works well since it’s soft. An absolute must for me is eyebrow gel, since my thick Asian brow hairs tend to point downwards, particularly in my arch #notgood. Even though they are naturally ‘out of the lines,’ unlike lawn mowing, we don’t want to mow them all to stubble, so holding them in place with a gel is the better option. I’ve found this ELF one to work the best for me.


no makeup makeupLipbalm or a Sheer Lip Product – Maybelline Baby Lips – RRP $3.95 AU from Priceline

Finally, put some lipbalm on to keep your lips moisturised, and if you would like, a sheer, natural-coloured lip product.





Hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to a No Makeup makeup look.


Good luck beauties 🙂









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