Optiva Skincare Review

We’ve all heard the latest hype behind “Your skin isn’t oily, isn’t just dehydrated!” while most of us mere mortals are just like “WTFlamingo”. While sadly this post isn’t going to tackle all the jazz behind the ‘dehydrated’ debate (FYI I’m still confused, pls tell Lab Muffin to help me), I’ve spent the last couple weeks trialling products designed specifically to rehydrate your skin, yeehaw.

I was super lucky to be contacted by Boots Laboratories to do a two-week trial on some of the products from their Optiva Skincare Range.



Skin Balancing Cleanser – 150ml $14

A very gentle cleanser. Would be good for using everyday, twice a day, since it isn’t too harsh on the skin and doesn’t dry it out. This product was just good, nothing special.

Radiance Refresh Tonic – 150mL $14

I’m a bit biased because I genuinely think toner is a waste of time and money, but I personally think this toner did nothing for me. It also ran out very quickly considering it’s less than half way full and I’ve only been using it for two weeks. Definite pass on this one.

Optiva Aqua-Capture Serum – 30ml $24

Like most skincare, it can be hard to tell what is really working and what isn’t. I’m going to give this serum a thumbs up for now, because I do think it is good product, at a fantastic price, that works! However, make sure you stay tuned on my social media feeds incase in future I realise my skin actually hates this. Kinda like how when you meet someone and think they are the bee’s knees, and a few months later you have no idea what you saw in them? Well, let’s hope this product is not like that! LOL. For now, I’mma enjoy the ‘I love this product’ stage of the relationship :P.

Daily Protection Cream – 40ml $22

This moisturiser reminded me of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVB moisturiser which I reviewed previously here and (spoiler alert!) did not enjoy. It leaves my skin shiny and doesn’t since in well. I will keep using this to use it up but definitely not purchasing since it doesn’t go well with my oily/combination skin.

Nourishing Night Cream – 40ml $22

This cream absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving a hydrated yet also matte finish. My favourite finish for night creams to avoid me money-wastingly wiping it all off on my pillow in my sleep (has been done, can testify). This is something I’ll definitely be reaching for in the future and purchasing!


Affordability of range: YAS, except for the toner which is now only 1/3 full after only two weeks use 🙁



Firstly, apologies that the second photo was taken using terrible indoor lighting. The first photo is taken in natural lighting so enjoy it.


So my skin looks a little less red in the second photo. What do you think? Yeah, nah? I do think this line is good quality and reasonably priced, but not super super special (except that magic unicorn night cream!).


The true test is which of these Optiva Skincare products will I continue to reach for in future? Make sure you follow my blog so you can stay updated.



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