As Einstein often talked, “It’s all about relativity.” I didn’t realise how bad Bellabox was till firstly, I saw lots of other people online getting better stuff in their bellaboxes, and more significantly, till I… View Post

Yew! It’s Christmas in March! My favourite time of the month. Where I receive unnecessary cosmetic goods in the mail, like a surprise gift, that I actually bought for myself. Adult life is good. Thank… View Post

As Rumpelstiltskin once said, “Magic always comes with a price.” The same goes for makeup, but not just the price you pay for purchase. Makeup wearers everywhere are burdened daily with many first world problems. I’ve… View Post

Woohoo! It’s Pan That Palette March Update time! Where we challenge ourselves to actually try to get through the makeup we’ve spent our hard earned dollars on. Seems a little ridiculous that we actually need… View Post

I know that purple lipstick won’t appeal to all, but to me, it is my favourite lip shade. I like the quirky, alien look it gives you, but that it is still down-to-Earth enough that people… View Post