Pan that Palette 2016 May – (Relaunch!)

Soooo, yeah, I FAILED! I failed big time! Early last year I started a ‘Pan that Palette Challenge’ which ended with my last update in March 2015. I hadn’t even hit pan on any of the products in the palette yet! But, here I am, happy to admit my failure and come back humbly to try again! They say on average it takes 8 failed attempts before you can successfully quit smoking, so with that in mind, I’m taking my makeup buying addiction head on again. Hello, my Pan that Palette 2016!

Stay tuned for a Project Pan post coming up soon, but for now let’s just stick with this pan that palette. I will update my progress on this palette once per month. To see all the initial photos and information about the palette, check out my first Pan that Palette post here.

The Palette

pan that palette 2016

The shadows are actually reasonably decent quality, so that is a relief. I’ve actually managed to hit pan on the gold shade in the meantime since my last update (only over ONE ENTIRE YEAR, LOL)!


  • Pan at least 3 shades before the end of 2016
  • Hit pan on all shades
  • Don’t buy any new palettes till holiday sets are released

Progress so far

March 2015

pan that palette 2016

May 2016

pan that palette 2016

Andddd, the blush looks exactly the same, so no photos soz.


Anyone else doing a Pan that Palette 2016 challenge? Let me know so we can support each other!

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