Products I Regret Buying #1

We all have those products that just didn’t live up to our expectations. I am sharing the products I regret buying for your entertainment purposes (I LOVE watching these type of videos myself!) and so you hopefully won’t make the same mistake.

Note that just because I don’t like one product from a brand, it does not mean I do not like the brand :).

Hope you enjoy these makeup, skincare and hair care products I regret buying. Sharing my thoughts to help out ma sisters. Spend your money right, on good products!

I hope you guys don’t mind these video-style blog posts I’ve been posting lately. I’ve just started dabbling in the world of YouTube and I love it! Would love if you subscribed to me :). But, don’t worry, I have more traditional/non-video blog posts coming soon!

Let me know the products you regret buying in the comments!

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