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What on earth is Project Pan? Are we ‘projecting’ (throwing) frying pans across rooms? What has this got to do with makeup? Hold on, buttercup! I’m here to share the answers.

Project Pan is where you limit yourself to work on finishing up a certain number of products. Some people choose to put a time frame on the project pan challenge, and most people put themselves on a ‘no-buy’ (of any makeup) till they’ve finished up their selected products. The ‘pan’ refers to ‘hitting pan’ on a product, usually a powder. You have hit pan when you can see the bottom of the pan (the product packaging) through where the product used to sit, since you’ve used so much of it.

Everyone tends to make their own different rules, which I think is awesome since it allows you to make the challenge work for you, so here are my rules:

  • Only choosing to include makeup and nail polishes, since I tend to use up skin care and hair care products quite quickly anyway, and don’t have many double ups of them
  • I have included more than 10 products so I have some choices, but I only have to finish 10 of them to complete the challenge
  • I am on a makeup no-buy till I’ve finished 10 products
  • Must completely finish all products and not just hit pan on them
  • There is no strict time frame, but ASAP would be ideal, since I want to buy more makeup, haha 😉 (realistically, end of the year)
  • I’m allowed to use other makeup besides the one chosen

So you lucky ducks, here are the products I’m including:


Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm in Pink – 95% remaining

This stuff is getting old. It came in a subscription box I think. I don’t really like it. Thank goodness that it is sheer, otherwise I’d find it so difficult to wear this colour. It’s not completely awful, so I can bear with it, but I’m looking forward to having it out of my life. It also has a weird smell.


Ulta3 Moisturising Lipstick in Pretty in Pink – 50% remaining

I got this lipstick for free off around two years ago. It’s very nice and moisturising, but such poor staying power and I don’t really like the finish of it. Thankfully, it should be quick to use up, since there isn’t heaps left. Also, I accidentally dropped my camera on it while photographing it, hence the dent in the lipstick #bloggerfail.


Youngblood Hi-def Hydrating Powder Sample – 20% remaining

I got this in a kit a long time ago for free. At the time, I didn’t understand what this powder was even for, nor did I understand how powder could be ‘hydrating’. Nevertheless, it’s a bearable product to use as a setting powder, although nothing surpasses the diamond in the rough that is the Australis Translucent Powder.


Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish – 15% remaining

I really liked this when I first got it, except I stopped using it. However now, over a year later, I feel it needs to go to makeup heaven. It does feels nice on the lips, very moisturising, but I really dislike the finish of it. It has quite a frosty finish, which I’m definitely not a fan of. I prefer a much more matte finish.


Youngblood Medium Mineral Rice Setting Powder – 65% remaining

Firstly, what on earth is mineral rice setting powder? Why Rice? “Rice is for eating, not for putting on your face,” my mama always used to tell me. I just want this out of my life, so I can just use the Australis powder.


Youngblood Rouge Crushed Mineral Blush – 60% remaining

This blush isn’t bad, however I’m just not a fan of loose powder. It reminds of trying to eat sherbet powder when I was younger. It tended to end up everywhere you didn’t want it to. Like on your shirt… and up your nose. It’s just a bit too messy for me.


Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder – 95% remaining

I don’t like this stuff. I bought this on a whim, but particularly for my bridesmaids for my wedding since they all have much paler skin than myself. I am now left with this relatively large bronzer, which isn’t my ideal shade (I prefer darker and less orange), however it sort of works well enough, and I do like to practice my contouring, so hopefully I’ll get through it.


Maybelline – Color Bloom Lip Balm – Colour Changing Formula (Similar to ‘henna’ lipsticks) – 95% remaining

I thought this thing would be the coolest thing ever. A lip balm that looks clear but goes on pink and is a different shade of pink for every person? YES PLEASE. I bought this product relatively recently, so why is it on Project Pan you ask? Why do I want to use it up and burn it? Because I find it very drying on the lips. Drying like the midday sun. Except worse.


Revlon Lip Crayon in Light Orange – 95% remaining

I don’t 100% want to get rid of this. It’s relatively new, however, this is just not quite pigmented enough for the shade of my lips. I think my lips are just a little too dark, so this lipstick just applies so patchy. It looks okay if you work with it a bit, but I’m keen to just get this baby out of my life. I’ll probably wear this in situations where people won’t be too up close to me or where it’s dark enough not to tell how dodgy it looks. Note: I love most of the other Revlon Lip Crayons, all the darker shades work for me so well.


Maybelline Masterliner Eye liner – 80% remaining

Not only is this eye liner so incredibly difficult to put on, for some reason I have a double up of it in my collection (LIKE WHAT, WHY MEL?). So, I’m pretty keen to get this bad boy out of my life. I’ve found that warming it up a little by holding it in my hand for a bit helps lessen the normally extreme amount of dragging that occurs across my eyelids during application.


Clinique Blush – 80% remaining

I love this blush. It was the blush I wore on my wedding day. I love the natural glow it gives. This is a smaller size that came in one of those free makeup gift bags that you get when you purchase enough Clinique products at once. I want to use it up because I also have the full size version, so I want to get rid of this smaller double up.


EOS Lip Balm –  80% remaining

I don’t mind this lipbalm but my number one favourite is baby lips. It is also getting a little old, so I’d just like to finish it. I also mushed it once when trying to apply it quickly, and since then it’s never looked quite as appealing.


Loreal The Super Slim 12hr Infallible Liquid Eyeliner in Black/Noir – (probably) 60% remaining

I thought this liquid eye liner was pretty good… till I tried the Maybelline Master precise eye liner. Sorry Loreal but the Maybelline Master precise liquid eye liner is just so good. So, I’m trying to get this one out of my collection so I can just use the Maybelline one forever and ever, no matter how long, from now until the end of time…

IMG_1124 IMG_1119

Berry Lip Balm – 5% remaining

If this wasn’t moisturising, it’d be pretty everything you don’t want in a lip balm. It’s really, really sticky, not very nice smelling and my husband absolutely hates it! I tend to put it on before I sleep, and thankfully I’m almost done.


Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel – (probably) 50% remaining

I love me some eyebrow gel, however this one certainly isn’t ideal. If my ideal eyebrow gel was maximum hold hairspray, this would be water in a hairspray can. It looks like brow shaping gel from the outside, but to be honest it holds nothing in place. The cake is a lie.


Savior Faire Mini Lipstick – 90% remaining

This stuff is getting really old. I got it in a BellaBox yonks ago. It’s an alright shade, but not a colour I would normally choose to wear. I should be able to get through it quickly since it’s a mini.


Singapore Nail Polish in dark pink – 70% remaining

This nail polish chips a little more than my other nail polishes, but still is good enough. I just find this shade to be a bit boring, although it is very work appropriate, which is a win (I guess).


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in 150 Petal Pusher – 70% remaining

I chose to include this since it’s getting a little funky bottle and the tall, thin bottle means the amount I use up each time will be noticeable! Hello encouraging times!

Stay tuned for updates on this delectable challenge, and please join in with me!

Good luck beauties 🙂



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