REVIEW: Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts – Lemongrass + Patchouli + Calendula

When my muscles be aching it’s epsom salts I reach for first! Relaxing bath experience and ease for my sore muscles is always a win. I have been doing a lot of aerial fitness lately, which leads me pretty sore throughout the week. Harvest Garden reached out to see if I was keen to review any of their products. I was super keen to try out the Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts to review for you guys, but mostly just to soothe my achey body LOL.

Harvest garden Epsom bath salts

I was sent the Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts in the blend entitled Lemongrass + Patchouli + Calendula RRP $25.95. Some of the wishy washy descriptions of this product on the Harvest Garden website is total rot (‘lift away impurities’ ‘Zeolite is a negatively charged volcanic ash that contains small ‘honeycomb cages’ that trap heavy metals and toxins and carry them safely away’). But I do think this description off their website suits: ‘An earthy, vibrant citrus blend designed to soothe tired, aching muscles.’ It certainly is a lovely citrus blend, that is nicely fragrant.

Harvest garden Epsom bath salts

I used about half a cup of product per bath. You could totally use more and go all out, but I was trying to savour it, especially since it’s twenty six buckeroos per 800g jar (which isn’t as big as I had imaged, and would last me around 6 baths). Compared with the plain af Epsom Salts I tend to use for my baths (cause I use them regularly, I buy on the cheap), this really felt like luxury. The fragrance and moisturising feel of the bath made it a much more enjoyable experience, rather than just your regular epsom salt bath. Does have some sort of petal it in that tends to float in my bath, that I guess adds to the spa feel, but is more messy to clean up. I really enjoyed this product and would definitely buy more if it was a bit cheaper. Perhaps $15 a pop would float my boat. I liked how I got the benefits of epsom salts but also the fragrance of a bath bomb and moisturising effects of a bath oil.

Though, be warned, the science behind Epsom Salts to help muscle soreness doesn’t really exist. Not much research has been done. But, it doesn’t hurt my body, and even if it is placebo, it works for me, so I roll with it. Make your own informed decision though.

Harvest garden Epsom bath salts

Good stuff:

  • Does the job of helping sore muscles for me
  • Relaxes me
  • Nice smell
  • Pretty flower petal things in it
  • I like the oil

Bad stuff:

  • Not much science behind Epsom Salts for muscle soreness
  • Website talks a bit of rubbish
  • Bit expensive compared to plain Epsom Salts

Are you interested in the Harvest Garden Epsom Bath Salts? Any other keen exercisers out the with sore af muscles?


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