Svensson Gel Nails Kit REVIEW: Light Pink

This is a continuation of testing different Svensson nail polish shades with the Svensson Home UV/LED Nail Kit*. This time I went with a sofisticated and feminine light pink shade.

The colour itself is lovely and perfect for both office life and a night on the town (neither of which I particularly enjoy 😜). This polish only took 2 coats for reasonably opaque colour which is much better than the first red shade I tested. Nice quick drying process using UV lamp.

svensson gel nails

Throughout the day, I did notice my nails looking a little uneven in certain lights/angles. Noticed this when randomly glancing at my nails. Don’t think it’s super noticeable to the non-nail-obsessed human. It doesn’t bother me.

So on Day 3, I used Brite’s Purple Shampoo and Conditioner* to treat my bleached end and make them grey/pastel purple. It ended up staining my nails to a pretty lavender colour, LOL. Actually quite like the shade it turned out.

svensson gel nailssvensson gel nails

The purple did fade out by a week. On Day 5 it had faded to a light lavender which looked quite nice! The staining on my skin had disappeared too, so this was probably my favourite day of wear.

Easily picked all off on the 1/8/17, Day 12. I picked it off not the day it got its first chip. Peeled off in single pieces with no tools used. For some reason this polish lasts longer than normal polish but also removes easier than normal polish. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?**

**On further investigation, peeling off gel nails is actually quite bad for your nails so I DON’T RECOMMEND! In future I will use acetone to soak them off.

Highly recommend using thin coats of the polish and getting it to look as perfect as possible when applying. Remember it’ll be on your nails for at least 12 days!

Gel nails are my new favourite thing. Chip free for 12 days? Heck yes! Quick af drying time, heck yes! Leave your thoughts in the comments.





  1. 21/08/2017 / 11:49 am

    I love nail polish especially when someone else applies it but the first chip has me running for the acetone and I just can’t right now. Love the lavender staining though!!

  2. 21/08/2017 / 6:08 pm

    I love gel nails but getting them done really adds up, being able to do them at home would be so good.

  3. 27/08/2017 / 10:45 am

    Sounds pretty good Mel – the “accidental” colour is gorgeous too, they should include it in their range ! Gosh that shampoo packs a punch hey?

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