Gel Nails at Home – Svensson UV/LED Kit* Review

I was kindly contacted by Svensson to see if I’d be interested in reviewing their Svensson Home UV/LED Gel Nail Polish Kit* RRP $99 on my blog. I’ve always liked nail polish, but have lately been frustrated with the long time it takes to dry properly, as well as quick chipping. Having heard great things about gel, I was very keen to try it for myself at home! I explained my honesty policy with them and they were fine with it, so on with the review.



Overall thoughts

  • Much quicker dry time than traditional nails
  • Put some sunscreen on your hand to avoid UV damage!
  • Super shiny!!
  • UV/LED Lamp is the expensive part $80. Polishes are only around $11 each which is a total win. I am very keen to pick up some more shades!
  • Very easy to work with compared to normal polish because it doesn’t half dry while your applying it. Keep this in mind and make sure to apply thin layers. I made the mistake of applying too thick layers on my left hand and it made it a bit uneven looking, took much looker to dry and just doesn’t look as nice. Because it doesn’t dry quickly without the lamp you can work with the polish much easier on the nail and even use the brush (once you’ve wiped off excess in nail polish bottle) to remove some of the excess polish off your nail, if you’ve accidentally applied too much.




Lasting Power


Really enjoyed having this polish on my nails. It only chipped on my right hand (started chipping Day 8), because I used it so much for opening things etc. my left hand stayed perfectly intact till I peeled it off. I just peeled them off easily over a day, using the nails of the opposite hand. Probs not best for my nail health, but the polish peeled off as easily as normal polish. I was impressed and quite glad to not have to soak my nails in acetone as recommended by the instructions.
I wasn’t super impressed with the number of coats needed but I loved the long lasting, quick dry finish, so I decided to test another couple shades. The review for the light pink shade will be posted on my blog very soon!


What’s your experience with Gel UV/LED nails? Have you tried Svensson before?


I’m posting a new blog post every weekday this month so come back tomorrow for for fresh, honest, beauty talk!




  1. 08/08/2017 / 1:55 pm

    Interesting that you were able to get such long-lasting polish off without using the acetone, Mel. But you said peeling them off was not good for your nail health. So I’m wondering why you didn’t use acetone if that what was recommended.

    • MEL
      08/08/2017 / 2:05 pm

      Hey Mariel! I meant that it wasn’t good for the nail that I was using as a lever to remove the polish from the other nails. So not the nail that was having the polish peeled off of but more the other nail I was using like a scraping tool (whoops). I’d have used a cuticle stick or something similar if I had one readily available, which wouldn’t have been as bad for my nail. I thought the actually peeling process would be better than using acetone, but I’m no nail expert so I don’t really know! Hope that makes sense x

    • MEL
      10/08/2017 / 3:23 pm

      I’ve done some further research and it seems acetone is the better alternative than peeling. Thanks for the comment, which motivated me to actually do some research. Will use acetone in future

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