Soooo, yeah, I FAILED! I failed big time! Early last year I started a ‘Pan that Palette Challenge’ which ended with my last update in March 2015. I hadn’t even hit pan on any of… View Post

It is ironic that I am writing this post, considering I didn’t finish my Project 10 Pan successfully! However, to add some credibility to my words, I will let you know I finished 9 products… View Post

What on earth is Project Pan? Are we ‘projecting’ (throwing) frying pans across rooms? What has this got to do with makeup? Hold on, buttercup! I’m here to share the answers. Project Pan is where… View Post

I have been trying to decrease my makeup collection lately. My goal is to achieve a minimalist makeup collection that still has variety and is fun. The ‘Pan that Palette Challenge‘ brings me one step… View Post