The 30 Day Blog Post Challenge

blog post challenge

I’ve been inspired by ProBlogger to try something new with my blog. He encouraged us to give our blogs a rhythm so readers would know when to come back for new content. I thought I’d take it to the extreme and try a month of daily blog posts 😮 (on weekdays only). Thought this introduction post was necessary so you knew what on earth was going on! Like why is Mel spamming us, has she been hacked? Hopefully that isn’t your thought since I want every post to be useful, informative and/or entertaining! Not just click bait fluffy space filler.
Some of the content categories I have planned are:

  • Feature Favourites
  • Blogger Thoughts
  • Inner Beauty
  • Best Beginner Makeup Products
  • Beauty Blogger Chats
  • Brown Girl Makeup
  • Nails

Let me know any of your requests for blog posts and I’ll do my best to make it happen. 

There will also be a special surprise on the last day of the month 😉.


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