Tips for Finishing a Project Pan Successfully

project pan successfully

It is ironic that I am writing this post, considering I didn’t finish my Project 10 Pan successfully! However, to add some credibility to my words, I will let you know I finished 9 products completely before buying any unnecessarily. For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of my top tips for finishing a project pan successfully. They’ve been created through researching other fellow project pan folk and my own experience.


I know this is like a really super obvious one, but I just thought I’d remind you all! Finishing products takes time. Don’t expect to have finished any of the products after a week of use. Patience is particularly necessary since makeup, compared to skin care or hair care, takes a particularly long time to finish and it’ll also be extra discouraging if you have never used up a makeup product since it will make it seem actually impossible. I’ve been there. That NARS blush will legitimately seem like a never ending pit of pretty pink goodness. Kind of like how when you haven’t seen something for yourself, you don’t believe it’s possible. Like our politicians and climate change (jokes).


I’m no pessimist by any means. On the pessimism-optimism scale, I’d say I’m a glass ‘pretty much’ full kind of person.  This trait normally works in my favour, but is particularly dangerous when starting a project pan. As a result, my expectation for how long it would take me to finish products was wayyyy too short. Like ridiculously short. So, have a tip from someone who has been there: Be realistic about how long it’ll take you to finish products, and how many products you should include in your project pan

Use the products as much as possible

One of the pluses to not buying makeup while doing a Project Pan is not being tempted to use new products instead of your Project Pan products. Although, it is still tempting to use non-project pan products, I’d recommend sticking to them as much as possible. It helps if you the products you initially picked out for the Project Pan go well together. Yes, you are allowed to treat yourself and use different products outside the project, but keep it in moderation! I’ve heard of the 5:2 approach. 5 days of the week use your Project Pan products, the 2 other days you’re a free bird. Try it out,  it might be the key you’ve been looking for to unlock the Project Pan glory of your dreams.

Reapply lipstick

This is similar to the point above, but I would like to emphasise it. At the start of this year, I began working in an office for the first time, having been at university for the past three years. The concept of reapplying a lip product throughout the day was foreign to me, except for lip balm which was my ‘unicorn blood’ (**HP SPOILER ALERT** what kept Voldemort alive in the first Harry Potter movie). However, reapplying a lip product throughout the day not only keeps your lips moisturised and looking great, but results in the use of more product (ker-ching! Hello finishing project pan in less time).

Let me know your own personal tips too, so we can help each other with our wallet emptying, husband-annoying, makeup addiction. 😛



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