Violet Box April Review 2015

violet box april

Woohoo! Violet Box April is here!



Lonvitalite C2 Collagen Protein Wrinkle Removing Mask

I like face masks but I am yet to find one that makes a noticeable difference to my appearance, apart from an increase in the amount of confidence radiating from me. This face mask was fine, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of my quest for the miracle, magic face mask. Especially since all those big words in its name sure talk up its reputation. Alas,  face mask of my dreams, you must be out there somewhere, let’s hope you are reasonably priced, or we will never meet #starcrossedlovers.


violet box april56


Tini Beauty Eye Shadow (Pearl Fizz) by Rob Scheppy – RRP $16

Yeah, it feels nice, the packaging is not bad, it’s practical, but nothing special. It’s a nice product, but not mind blowing. Also not super pigmented, but good enough to be usable, and I will use it. I think it is a very versatile colour, and could be used for highlighting too. Staying power is okay. Tends to fade more than crease, but does eventually crease if not primed beforehand. Definitely, not a must-have-life-changing-miracle-amazing product. If you are looking for that in a product, try the UD NAKED Basics palette. It’s a mind-blower-best-thing-since-sliced-bread kind of product, and also includes the “bonus”*sarcarm* of a much lighter wallet 😉 (aka. it’s expensive! But #worthit).


violet box aprilviolet box april13

Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Concealer (Flawless) – RRP $24.99

So, is the totally wrong shade for my skin (gah). Also, since it has oil it in, my oily skin wanted to thrash this product away immediately, and go live under a rock. I did coax myself into trying this product as an under eye concealer, but alas the shade still doesn’t really suit me, and powder is definitely needed to set it. I guess, overall, this product isn’t actually that bad (nor is it really that good either!, so meh).


violet box april

Urban Skincare Co. Daily Hand & Body Cleanser – RRP $26.95 for 500mL

What I didn’t realise when I first read the name of this product is that it is just a shower gel. Enough said.


violet box april89

Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder

This powder is nothing special, but with my oily skin type, more face powder is always welcome. A larger sample size would have been nice, but at least it’s not a lump of coal. I’ve used better (go check out the Australis setting powder, it’s amazeballs and is as cheap as a professionally-made, personalised, family-sized, birthday cake. See photo below of a cake for reference).

violet box april



violet box april

Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel and Transformulas FaceContour & Tightening Creme 

These products are cray cray expensive in full size, so always happy to try a sample of luxury products. Both of these guys have some pretty crazy claims, so even though I was full of doubt, I gave them a go… for science.



Let me know what you thought of this month’s box below!


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