Violet Box February 2015 Review


It’s that time of the month again, hello Violet Box! Check out my review of the box for February 2015.


Violet Box February Review

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Treatment Oil – RRP $5.99

Not a bad product, no huge difference, but the most important part is that is doesn’t make my hair feel gross. Any hair oil that makes your hair even just a little softer, without making it oily and weighed down, is a win.


Violet Box February Review

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – RRP $11.74 (30 mL)

I do love the smell of lemon, but at first I did find the smell of this cleanser to be a bit too lemony, an unpleasant chemical-type smell. Like working in a hospital for lemons. I like the product. Gentle enough for daily use. Exfoliating enough to actually classify as a exfoliator (yay!). Makes my skin feel fresh and clean.


Violet Box February Review

Emite Make Up BB Highlighting Pen – RRP $32

I’ve been keen on concealer lately since I’ve recently started working in an office, full time, and not many people have dark circles under their eyes. I didn’t have to worry about it as a uni student since everyone at uni has dark circles under their eyes, from either cramming or partying (as an engineering student, can you guess what mine were from? 😉 That’s right. Par-tay-ing… via. DotA  ).The Emite concealer is super easy to apply, due to its creamy consistency, and it feels quite moisturising. However, it is also easy to smudge off if you accidentally touch your face (even after being set with powder). I’m undecided as to whether it’s as good as my Revlon concealer or not, but this concealer is actually a good colour for under my eyes (a little on the light side, but it’s fine) and sufficiently blendable, so it works.


Violet Box February Review

Teeez Trend Cosmetics Easy on the Eyes Pencil – RRP $26

I first tried this on the top of my lids to line eyes (without shadow). Note: I have oily eyelids, I didn’t use an eye shadow primer, but I did use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. The Eyeliner smudged like cray cray, on both under my eyes at the outer corner and above my eyelids just above my crease, for the entire time I wore this product (several hours!). Would have been perfect for a panda costume, but alas, it wasn’t dress up day for Mel. I found this very surprising since the product claims to be waterproof. I was particularly disappointed since I really fell in love with the beautiful packaging (I can’t help not falling in love with anything rose gold #shallow).


Violet Box February Review

Pretty Woman Magnetix Nail Polish – RRP $9.99

I think this is a great idea for a unique look, but it is just not effective in practise. Good intentions, bad implementation. It is hard to hold the magnet close enough to the nail for a long enough time, for the product to work properly. Like if you’re able to get this polish to work properly on all your nails you should go into the Guinness Book of Records. Also, I got it in such a hideous colour: dark gold. Looks okay when the light is hitting it, but otherwise like you have very, very unhealthy, gross nails. Think ‘zombie prom,’ (aka. not a look a want to rock terribly often). The formula of the polish itself is okay, but I can not get over the hideous colour.


Total value of box: $85.72

The only real disappointment was the Magnetix Nail Polish. I probably would have also counted the Eye Pencil from Teeez as a fail, but the packaging is the prettiest I’ve ever seen for a makeup product, so it makes up for it. Let’s just take a moment to admire it again.


I am very happy with this month’s box. Will use at least three of the five products on a regular basis, woohoo. I will keep trying the Teeez Eye Pencil again, just like how I keep trying to grow plants. Hopefully I’ll have more success with the eye pencil than I do with gardening… I have already killed two succulents (how is that even possible?!).


Thanks for tuning in beauties 🙂


Let me know your favourite product from this month’s box in the comments below!


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