Violet Box January 2015 Review!

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There’s nothing that satisfies my old soul like reading a one month old newspaper. It’s pretty much the same thing as physically travelling back in time. So, today I thought I’d make the yet to be discovered phenomena of time travel a reality to you all #whatawoman. And yes, you are correct, this is a review for my January Violet Box, even though it is indeed February.

For those of you unfamiliar with the scrumptiousness of subscription boxes, a subscription box is a service where you pay a certain amount each month to receive a little box of makeup and skin care goodies straight to your door. Essentially a monthly Santa who actually gets you what you want, without any of the judgement and unnecessary pressure of his ‘good’ and ‘bad’ lists. There are lots of different boxes out there, but my favourite is Violet Box, and they cost $22.95 per month and deliver 5-6 samples of products (usually at least 3 full size products) each month.
What I got in my magical box from the rainbow leprechauns:

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Distilled Hydrolyzed Silk Treatment Serum and Distilled Restore Serum – RRP $36.00 5ml
I was disappointed to get this at first. Like what even is it? (After some reading) These products are serum treatments for your lips and hands, packaged in tiny, tiny, leprechaun bottles. I’ve tried them both out. The ‘Hydrolyzed Silk Treatment Serum’ is for your lips and is a bit meh. It’s a bit on the watery side, which I just don’t think is practical to put on your lips. The ‘Restore Serum’ for hands, nails and cuticles however, is great! A thicker consistency than expected, but I think it works really well. However, because of the thicker consistency, it is difficult to get the treasured product out of the tiny bottle without the aid of a bobby pin or pen lid (those sneaky leprechauns!).


The Cosmetic Kitchen Raw Chocolate Clay Mask – RRP $24.95 50g
This mixture looks an awful lot like cocoa powder, however, if it was a little less soft in consistency, it could have fooled me for dust from Mars. ‘Cosmetic Kitchen’ more like ‘Cosmic Kitchen,’ 😛 . I chose to ignore the recipe they suggested. There’s no way I’d put avocado on my face, it’s way too delicious and precious for that! I just mix a spoonful of this powder with water and wack it on my face. The first time I tried it I put too much water and it was a bit on the runny side, but other than the less than desirable texture, it wasn’t a bad mask. Felt refreshing on the face and smelt like dark chocolate. A bit on the messy side, compared to the usual cloth masks, but I do love chocolate and it’s nice to see something I bit different.


Emite Makeup Precision Eye Pencil – RRP $24.95
I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, which pretty much every other person in the world already owns except for me. However, since I got this pencil in my Violet Box, I’ll just use this one instead. I use it for lining my lower water line, to try to make myself look more awake. I find it makes me look a little creepy on it’s own, so I prefer to wear mascara with it. It also has incredible lasting power (hello creepy looking eyes all day 😉 ).


Mellow Cosmetics Blush in Bronze – RRP $14
This blush, I would use more as a bronzer. It is matte, which is great for contouring, since who doesn’t love a bit of contouring in their life? Contouring is one of my favouritest things. It’s fun and creative, but still gives you a very natural makeup look (unless you apply too much). This product is smooth in consistency, and will definitely get some use by me.


Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Yulan Eye Mask – RRP $25.95 (5 pack), $5.19 individual
I actually really like eye masks. I have darkish circles under my eyes but am yet to find the perfect concealer for them. This product (which probably does nothing for you), has a refreshing feel while being used. Also, the claim of ‘gold’ being in it makes me feel quite luxurious and rich ;).

Overall value of box: $105.09

I am very happy with this box. When you compare the price paid for the value given, how can you not be cheering. It was also an interesting box, with leprechaun liquid and space dust, as well as, all of the products being actually useful.

My Violet Box referral code is: 302225

For $10 off your first box, use the code: VIOLETBOX10


Thank you beauties 🙂


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