Violet Box March Review 2015

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Yew! It’s Christmas in March! My favourite time of the month. Where I receive unnecessary cosmetic goods in the mail, like a surprise gift, that I actually bought for myself. Adult life is good. Thank you Violet Box March for making dreams come true everywhere :D.



Violet Box March

1. John Plunkett’s Aloe Vera 99% Pure – Gel – $1.73

When I pulled this out of my Violet Box I was disappointed. Namely because I don’t get sunburnt much (sunscreen and shade people!) so I don’t really find much use for this. However, my husband does like to put Aloe Vera Gel on mouth sores, so it will find a use in our house.


Violet Box March

2. Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel – $1.50

I don’t particularly liked being lied too, and although this product technically doesn’t lie, because it’s not living, I must inform you all of something. Don’t be deceived by the use of the word “foaming” in the name of this product. If you’re expecting I’m having a bubble bath with Mr. Ducky, I’m sorry to disappoint. If the foam expected was like the crashing waves on a huge day in the surf, the foam from this product is like that gross foam that you see at flat, dirty beaches. I will forgive this deceiving product name due to it’s effectiveness and soap-free-ness. This product is actually working wonders for my super pimply skin (I have oily skin and lots of breakouts at the moment!).


Violet Box March

3. Doucce Mineral Matte Lipstick – RRP $29.95

The packaging feels quite cheap, but let’s ignore that for now. When I opened this lipstick I was so blown away by the colour. The perfect shade of nude I’d been looking for for so long! Because I have darker skin and darker lips than most Westerners, I’ve been finding it difficult to find a nude that doesn’t look terrible on my lips and make me look like I accidentally put white out on my lips instead of lipstick. I find the formula of this lipstick really strange. It’s sticky, but not lipgloss sticky (thankfully!), kinda more like glue that is almost dry. I found it difficult to apply since it’s not very creamy, so don’t even try applying it to your lips unless you’ve used a lip scrub prior! It has a nice floral smell, and lasts a few hours.


Violet Box March

4. Doucce Lip Definer – RRP $29.95

I was a bit skeptical at first since it didn’t feel very soft when I swatched it on the back of my hand, so I was scared it would tear my lips apatr if I tried to apply it. Thankfully it didn’t (I did use a lip scrub and primer beforehand) and I was actually quite impressed. It has a metallic finish, which isn’t normally what I go for in a lip product. But don’t fear, it was more a paint-metallic finish than a ‘I put alfoil on my lips’ kind of finish. Relatively long lasting and best of all, very little to no transfer! I’m quite happy to sport this lip liner on its own without lipstick.



Violet Box March

5. Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask – $5.33

I found this product a bit meh. No noticeable difference, except it made me feel fancier. Also, it made my eyes sting a little, oh the price of beauty 😉 (I moved the eye mask further away from my eyes once it started stinging).


Total Value of Box: $68.46


Thanks beauties 🙂


Let me know your favourite product from this month’s box in the comments below!


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