YouTube Made Me Buy Too Much Makeup!

Youtube buying addition

FACT: watching beauty videos on YouTube will result in the purchasing of unnecessary makeup. A lot of it, and we’re talking the expensive stuff. I ended up buying makeup from America and spending lots-a $$$ on products that I could have found cheaper dupes for in Australia! I have a YouTube Buying Addiction, and craved everything those gorgeous beauty gurus had. For this reason I had to…

…break up with my YouTube addiction.

I still watch YouTube. I still even watch some beauty videos and are subscribed to a couple. There is, however, a huge difference to how it was before. For one, beauty (particularly makeup) videos aren’t the majority of video in my subscription feed (aka. aren’t the majority of videos I watch). Also, instead of watching mainly American Beauty Gurus, I’ve started watching Australian (Messy Downunder is my favourite!). This makes a significant difference since makeup is so much more expensive in Australia, brands popular in America being particularly expensive. Watching YouTubers who have to deal with the expensive cost of makeup, like makeup bought in Australia, means they tend to buy more makeup from the cheaper end of the spectrum and less of it (relatively) since it costs a lot. There are of course exceptions to this generalisation, those will lots of moolah, and that’s not a problem, it is still nice to see Aussies review expensive American makeup.



Let me know your favourite Australian Beauty Youtubers in the comments!





  1. 28/08/2015 / 9:30 am

    Yes, I have purchases a ton of makeup from youtube .. esp. when I’m trying to copy a makeup look. Now, I have enough that I can improvise and I’m a lot wiser too .. companies send these gals a ton of stuff !! Which is something I didn’t know a few years ago.


    • MEL
      28/08/2015 / 6:56 pm

      I never realised how much stuff they got sent either!

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